Department responsible for the initial part of the import process at the national level.


Performs the tax classification of the goods (NCM / SH and description), in order to check the relevant requirements for each import process. The work of goods tax classification is carried out from the goods technical information given by the importer, representative or supplier itself (foreign); In some cases, when necessary, intermediate the forwarding to specialized laboratories to issue specific technical reports for correct / full tax classification. The whole tax classification process is performed based on Brazilian law, guided by the CET (Common External Tariff) Brazilian.


From an invoice / order / purchase order, the procedures necessary for each process starts.


The requirement of an import license (LI) prior to shipment is evaluated, being provided where necessary. If the system dismisses the Import License (LI), a study is done at SISCOMEX (Integrated Foreign Trade Software) and a statement confirming the dismissal is issued.


All internal cells (other departments) are supplied automatically by the Register department, with simultaneous control of all aspects of import being done.


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