Tariff reduction claim for the Import Tax (II) reduction for machinery, equipment and parts without national substitutive production, valid for a specified time.


Reducing Import Tax (II) through the benefit of the “ex-tariff” is resource widely used by Brazilian companies to reduce the tax burden on the importation of machinery, equipment or parts whose domestic production is unable to replace them.


It is a benefit granted by the Brazilian government, which analyzes and judges the claims of this nature, taking into account technical and commercial aspects of the operation, even researching the domestic industry. It is a very technical claim and, therefore, must be prepared by companies with experience in this process, in order to avoid the rejection of the benefit.


Generally, it reduces the Import Tax (II) from 14% to 2%, varying according to aspects of the claim. It takes around 120 days after the protocol in the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC), being subject to vary more or less, according to the analysis of the responsible departments as well as the possible manifestations of the domestic industry.


The Anderson Group has extensive experience in the approval of these projects, with full control to assist in the preparation, referral and monitoring within the MDIC and their departments.


We also forward claims to renew the expired ex-tariff or about to expire ex-tariff, always supported by the technical support of the importer and / or representative.


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* I.I. – Import duties / I.P.I. – Duty over industrialized products / ICMS – Duty over circulation of goods and services / AFRMM – Additional for the Renewal of the Brazilian Marine Merchant.