The Currency Exchange Department disposes of technical support to make the exchange operations regarding import with payment in advance, payment at sight and payment on credit. We issue ROF (legal authorization for long time maturity payment contracts), payment schedules and other providences along Brazilian Central Bank; we also issue Letters of Credit and their amendments.


The service starts from the moment that the contact with Banks is made, exchange rates research, negotiation of contracts, remittance of copy of documents, contracts and pre contracts, until the return of finalized processes to the client.


We also perform the management of import bill maturities, which provides to our clients a better control of their cash flow, as well as regular management and assistance to solve eventual pendencies, already existent with the Central Bank.


All exchange closing is only effected, to the Customer’s preferred bank, after proper instruction / authorization of his responsible sector, thus avoiding undue debts in Customer’s account.


In addition to the import exchange closings, the Currency Exchange also advise in cases such as capital contribution, loans, assumption of debt, software payment and user licenses, etc.


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