The experience of Anderson Group, with more than 20 years working focused on import, is fundamental to achieve good results in the services it performs.


Our quality is present in the following steps of the import process:


Currency Exchange: Management of all foreign exchange transactions including: closing, ROF’s issue (legal authorization for long time maturity payment contracts), letters of credit and its amendments, and other relevant documents;


Customs Clearance: Management of clearance operations in ports, airports, borders and dry ports (EADI’s) across the country;


Drawback: Suspension and Exemption, Direct and Intermediary, in the issuing time, extension and Drawback’s proof in all forms;


Ex-tariff: Reduction of import tax rate for machinery, equipment and parts without national similar litigation forwarding;


Special Regimes: Customs Transit (DTA and DTAS) process management, Temporary Entry, Bonded Warehouse from the beginning to the completion of the regime;


Registration: Study of the goods, tax classification and providence of import licenses and duty information;


International Insurance: Open policy for linking all customers who carry out imports by Anderson Group;


Transport: Hiring and management of transportation until the delivery of the goods at the final destination.


The broader knowledge of legislation, the port, airport, border and dry ports regulations, as well as updated business practices, allows Anderson Group to provide full service to meet the needs of its customers.


The whole operation is planned in advance, to be completed in the shortest possible time, reducing storage costs without any loss in efficiency.


We are represented in the main ports, airports, borders and dry ports (EADI’s) across the country, ready to assist them in carrying out the import project with excellent logistics efficiency.


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