Founded in 1992, the Anderson Group consists of two branches: the Freight Forwarding and the Import Assistance.


The Freight Forwarding is responsible for the goods monitoring and their documents at the international level. It makes contacts with manufacturers and exporters abroad, collect, clear within the customs and embarks the cargo, monitoring the procedures to its final destination (Brazilian ports and airports).


The Import Assistance is responsible for inside (national) processes. It makes the necessary procedures for the goods to arrive to its final destination (client), fulfilling all the requirements of the Brazilian law.


Why hire us?

The Anderson Group offers a differentiated service of import operational management that, in practice, is the efficiency of a true Department of Foreign Trade, dedicated full-time to the customers’ requirements with the benefits of outsourcing, thus offering a full management import process service door to door.


All the import control and operation is responsibility of the Anderson Group, while the client focuses solely on commercial aspects: developing alternative suppliers and negotiating prices, terms and conditions of payment.

Services provided:

⇒ Economic practice studies through the preview of import costs;

⇒ Administrative treatment evaluation and other import requests;

⇒ Obtention of Import License, if required;

⇒ International Insurance apply;

⇒ Issuing of Letter of Credits;

⇒ Documentation and shipping instructions;

⇒ International transport;

⇒ Daily reports about shipping, documentation and customs clearance;

⇒ Currency Exchange Contracts;

⇒ Inland Transportation;

⇒ Projects of duty reductions – “Ex-tariff”.